Managing 10.30 lacs sq.ft of warehouse floor space

Warehousing (3PL operations)

We offer pan India warehousing services through our network of 10.30 lacs sq.ft. of custom built warehouses that are strategically located to ensure ease of operations. Our warehouse management systems are technologically updated and with our trained and dedicated team, we work towards making every transaction seamless and hassle free.

We are with you at every step of your journey.


  • General Warehousing

    Storage of any kind of general cargo. Movement of goods happens at the consent of the goods owner.
  • Customs bonded warehouseg

    Storage of dutiable goods in Bond warehouse under supervision of Customs officials. Movement of goods happens as per the consent of the Customs officer.
  • Inventory management & Planning

    Helping clients to manage inventory, set reorder levels, alerts as and when stocks exhaust to streamline client’s business.
  • In-plant stores management

    Managing a factory or production unit warehouse. Typically done to cater to the needs of manufacturing plants to ensure seamless processes.
  • Industries we serve

    We deliver tailormade warehousing solutions to various Industries like pharmaceuticals, furnitures, engineering raw materials, scraps, Automobiles & lubricants, Agriculture equipment, Electrics and Electronics, white goods, Solar panels, Rubber, books, toys, clothing and miscellaneous.

Is The Safety Of The Goods Assured, Even When They Are Not In Transit?

We understand warehouses are an essential factor for all businesses dealing with heavy goods. With our warehousing solutions, we provide services to store, manage and dispatch all our client’s goods smoothly and professionally.

Our warehouse management system empowers modern and futuristic equipment along with advanced ERP solutions operated by well trained and experienced professionals. Our custom bonded import warehouses ensure responsibility of maintaining not only the highly significant logistics, but also the less considered branches of spare parts logistics too.

With our pan India warehousing, today we manage over 10.30 lacs sq.ft of warehouse space at strategic locations and our automated warehouse management system has accelerated us to provide more ease of business to clients.

We keep your consignment the way you would - Safe.

The Aarohan edge

  • Over 3 decades of warehousing experience
  • 10.30 lacs sq.ft of custom built warehouses pan India
  • Holistic Logistics Solution Provider.
  • Multi Facility & Dedicate warehousing solutions.
  • In-house Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) & MIS.
  • Strategically located warehouses.
  • In-house MHE & HDR.
  • Customised facility for specific needs of various industries.